Together here as a group we will…

The 2021 Version of Therapy is GROUP memberships

H.i. with Chloe Cohen Group Coaching β€’ 1 Year Membership for 12 Payments of $27/month

H.i. πŸ‘‹ stands for Human Intelligence

βœ”οΈ You Take Courses Online
βœ”οΈ You Have A Therapist
βœ”οΈ You Follow Your Favorite Influencers
Yet, You are still alone….and have, so many many questions!


That is when I learnt the secret, of not doing it alone. I get so many questions, that my hope for us is to find a new way of mental health, corporate wellbeing, learning and therapy by finding balance in business. I was petrified of closing on my first Real Estate Investment deal, that is until I found my tribe, my mentors and with shaky hands- I wrote the check. Why water one flower, when you can water a garden, together I want us to flourish and support each other.

Now you can enjoy learning in a group setting weekly, with like minded executives and continue the conversation as a community. You will have access to all workshops, courses, the Humanity community &. more! Stop burning out at work, break subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you and your team back. Here, we know we are souls focusing on living our soul purpose; whilst investing in our finances (real estate investing mostly), biohacking our health, balancing our masculine & feminine energy and applying Neuroscience based tips to hack our brain. Life is NOT meant to be mediocre, don’t settle until you are living a vertically integrated happy, fulfilling and thriving life.


For a deeper understanding of this membership –read this page to learn what you can do to elevate your mind, body, soul and financial freedom!



In order to be eligible for this group you either are already an investor, or you passed the Real Estate Investment Coaching Course taught by chloe. This group will share advice, vendor & lender information, tips for dealing with Airbnb, STR and Long term tenants and more.


This group covers burnouts, energy balance, subconscious limiting belief systems, manifesting clients & VC funding, guided meditations, biohacks for stress hormones and more. Sign up below to join group when it opens.


Whether you are getting divorced, OTD, empty nest syndrome or just starting over in life- knowing yourself and what you want to do is hard. We cover financial safety, self-reliance all the way through self-empowering- live a thriving life as your best version with mind, body, soul, style and financial freedom.


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βœ”οΈ TAUGHT LIVE NO pre-recorded B.S.

βœ”οΈ Ladies ONLY & Coed Classes Available!

βœ”οΈ 4 Masterminds Per Season: Winter Jan 5 (SOLD OUT), Jan 24 (3 SPOTS LEFT), Feb 14 and Feb 28


What to Expect:

  1. 4-week intensive learning A-Z in Real Estate Investing
  2. Taught LIVE with Chloe (No pre-recorded B.S.)
  3. Hands on, actionable steps throughout. Underwrite your own deals!
  4. Free access to private RE community group- you WILL be able to purchase your first property by the end of the course


For more details about the course, visit this page – click here to become a Real Estate Investor this Winter –> you will have to fill out a Google form to be eligible, once you are eligible we will email you the link for the checkout page to RSVP your seat. Since this is LIVE I can only teach x amount per class to ensure a job well done. Become an Investor today πŸ’ͺ !