Become A Real Estate Investor – LIVE COURSE – Jan 24th



Welcome, if you reached this page, that means we approved you for eligibility to take this course. It’s intense and we know you will be able to purchase your first property after the class, but it’s time to plant the seeds now.

Next Class starts – Jan 24th, 2020

Your Process:
-30 days of intense learning
-With Actionable Weekly Steps- you WILL be ready to buy your 1st Investment by the end of the course
-After the course, join monthly membership accountability group to stay in touch with your peers and continued education
Become an investor TODAY:

Get ready to become a Real Estate Investor!

Investing is spiritual, physical and financial- I take a 360 approach to this method of building INDEPENDENCE in our lives.

-How to Identify Investment Strategy
-Getting pre-approved, financial acumen
-Setting up legal LLC
-Deep Dive with value-packed lectures on each method of investment, from A-Z
-Hand Holding is Available- because learning alone won’t take the risk
-Learn how to evaluate properties by numbers
-Learn when intuition is a value-add
-Weekly lectures, assignments and mentorship
-Market Analysis and Due Diligence
-Setup all the right Tech tools and software platforms
-Learn about personal branding, and design of units
-Learn about Sales & Marketing – sell better than a Real Estate Agent

Use the Winter to your advantage, learn and Be ready for the Spring market to pounce!

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